metasoup research

Martin Karel Kluson & Roswitha Emrich

Zok CultD

Meta Soup Research is first part of the a project THE COUNTING by Martin Karel Kluson & Roswitha Emrich. We count in different languages: German, Czech, English, French and Finnish. We tell stories. We talk. We talk without words but not without mean­ing. How does meaning occur from expression if the intention of the speaker is not clear? What do a voice, a body, a look or a gesture transport? How can we find a common sense without setting a meaning to what we say? How can we understand each other beyond meaning? In THE COUNTING, we communicate on another level. It is more intuitive, more crucial, more universal. Does this lead to the discovery of a new common sense in its pure condition or do we just miss that we have missed the point?

THE COUNTING creates a space of communication beyond the limits of language. This shift is taken to unchain the elements of communication in a language from their stereotypical meanings, their settled heaviness built by history and past events. Numbers on their own don’t carry the burden of the past. So treating numbers as words language becomes the tool of its own destruction.

Numbers are among the first words we learn when we grow up. They are basic knowledge. Unaccompanied numbers don’t define a meaning or information. They are opening a space of infinity . They help us to go over the limits of words, to enlarge the space of communication to increase possibilities of expression and understanding. When we express us in numbers we experience a contradiction between emotional or intuitive level of meanings and the abstracted character of numbers.

That’s why THE COUNTING opens up a new way to transform a message that one is not able to understand, towards something understandable. By counting we undo meaning and produce it at the same time. We count calmly, fast, loudly, passionately and excessively. By doing this we access the possibilities of expression from as many different angles as possible. We create space independent of the others. We create intimit situations. We overspeak ourselves.


Zok CultD

CultD.ZoK Berlin
27.06.2015, 19h