seRiaL kiLLer liVe

James Maybrick

The Diary of Jack the Ripper

"I have shown all that I mean business, the pleasure was far better than I imagined. The whore was only too willing to do her business. I recall all and it thrills me. There was no scream when I cut. I was more than vexed when the head would not come off. I believe I well need more strength next time. I struck deep into her. I regret I never had the cone, it would have been a delight to have rammed it hard into her. The bitch opened like a ripe peach. I have decided next time I well rip all out. My medicine will give me strength and the thought of the whore and her whoring master will spur me on no end. The wait to read about my triumph seemed long, although it was not. I am not dissapointed, they all have written well. The next time they will have a great deal more to write, of that fact I have no doubt ha ha
One dirty whore was looking for some gain
Another dirty whore was looking for the same

Am I not clever? I thought of my funny little rhyme on my travel to the city of Whores. I was vexed with myself when I realised I had forgotten the chalk, so vexed in fact, that I returned to the bitch and cut out more. I took some of it away with me. It is in front of me. I intend to fry it and eat it later ha ha. The very thought works up my appetite. I cannot stop the thrill of writing. I ripped open my God (...)"

zitiert nach: Das Tagebuch von Jack the Ripper . Die merkwürdigen Umstände seiner Entdeckung. Die Beweise der Echtheit. Von Shirley Harrison, 3. Auflage, Bergisch Gladbach 1995, deutsche Übersetzung des Zitats, S. 229-231; Originalauflage: London 1993

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