William S. Burroughs
in the view of Klaus Maeck

© the material is part of Klaus Maeck's movies "decoder" and "Commissioner of Sewers"
decoder scene: WSB in the shop with FM Einheit

decoder : the dream scenes

Exerpt from the movie "decoder" by Klaus Maeck, 1984


(Dave Ball / Genesis P-Orridge)
voices: Christiane F., W.S. Burroughs
text from "macbeth" & the LP "nothing here now but the recordings"
William S. Burroughs. Commissioner of Sewers
A Film by Klaus Maeck, 1991

complete movie, online rental @ www.alleskino.de

part 1 of 4

part 2 of 4

Klaus Maeck, Hamouka. Über ein Treffen mit W.S.B. (Marokko 2001)

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